Implementation of modularly organized further education and training courses

Also within the framework of an accreditation and admission regulation employment promotion and qualification opportunities law / formerly: WeGebAU)

Due to the transformation to the digital and globalized world of work 4.0, jobs and job descriptions are changing at a breathtaking pace. Increasing numbers of people, however, are finding themselves in the midst of professional and personal change processes more quickly and sometimes inadequately prepared. By MESH® ACADEDMY itself as well as through the other business areas of the MESH® INSTITUTE, we systematically determine the current need for further education and training of individual competences.

With the offers of the MESH® ACADEDMY, we support individuals in particular in transition phases in their work to adapt and expand their specialist, methodological, social and personal skills to the changed framework of future work. Our goal is to ensure that they continue to play a self-determined and co-designing role in the changing world of work and that they are able to successfully manage change processes in the future.

The current further education and training programmes of the MESH® ACADEDMY, a provider of further education and training approved by the AZAV (Accreditation and Admission Ordinance Employment Promotion in Germany — AZAV), include a person-certified degree according to the criteria of the international standard EN ISO/IEC 17024. Our courses, which take place full-time or part-time, can be partially or fully financed by the Federal Employment Agency.