Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board advises the bodies of the MESH® INSTITUTE completely independent by issuing statements and recommendations on research work and on the cooperation with universities and other research institutions as well as on the reports on the scientific results.

The Scientific Advisory Board was established due to the evaluation of the MESH® ACADEMY and was implemented within the framework of its restructuring.

In this context, it is the task of the Scientific Advisory Board to regularly comment on professional and scientific achievements of the MESH® ACADEMY and MESH® IN-HOUSE. In doing so, it should examine the social and ethical requirements with regard to their sustainability and assess the scientific quality of the applied teaching in further education and training.

The members of the interdisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board should support the MESH® INSTITUTE and its bodies in carrying out its professional work at an internationally competitive level. It assesses the scientific quality of research projects and the scientific viability of the research programs of MESH® RESEARCH.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of recognised experts in the field of vocational training research from Germany and abroad.

The Scientific Advisory Board can appoint international expert committees to evaluate the scientific work on specific topics approximately every two years and make recommendations for development.

The current 1st appointment period of the Scientific Advisory Board was initiated with the constituent meeting in November 2019.

Since December 2019 the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board is

Prof. Dr. habil Rolf Stein.

As of: 21.12.2019

Stein Rolf

Prof. Dr. Rolf Stein

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mojzisch

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mojzisch