Research and development of methods and tools to support business development

Corporate cultures consist of three cornerstones:

  1. Culture and values of leadership and cooperation,
  2. Work processes and organisational structures and
  3. Target groups, clients and market conditions.

The transition to the digitalised working world 4.0 is rapidly accelerating the dynamics between the three cornerstones and significantly increasing their complexity.

With our Research division we support you proactively with research projects and methods and sensitize you for new ways of thinking and beliefs within the framework of the corporate philosophy (Agile Mindset).

With our research and analyses, we take up the relevant aspects of social and demographic change and determine the impact factors and interrelationships of operational and corporate reality that are significant for you.

To this end, we coordinate our research projects and precisely tailored empirical designs with you (Re-Search and Pro-Search, 360°). Within the research, we integratively consider the socio-demographically relevant aspects of a value-based corporate and leadership culture (cornerstone 1). On the other hand, we work with you to analyze and optimize processes and structures (cornerstone 2) as well as the interaction between internal and external stakeholders, customers and networks (cornerstone 3).

We apply scientific methods to determine relevant indicators for the further development of your operational and corporate culture.

From this 360° research we generate synergies as well as forward-looking and sustainable options for positive corporate development and for an appreciative and agile leadership and management culture. By considering all three cornerstones in our research, a 360° assessment of competencies can thus be achieved.