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Dear readers,

as soon as we truly believe that we can reach individual fulfillment on our way and not in the goal, we will ultimately succeed in mastering patience. The essence of patience is that we accept the natural rhythm of life. Therefore, we should not want to make it follow our — self-imposed — timetable.

Because it will not do so, and we should be happy about that.

In April 2020, nine months after its foundation and intensive preparation, the MESH® INSTITUTE with its four business areas was presented to the public.

A setup that will certainly continue to develop, adapt and thus improve over the course of time with much reflection and self-reflection. Today’s MESH® INSTITUTE was formed as a consequence of the clear consideration of my personal life experiences and many years of practical experience in management positions, business area planning as well as innovation and change processes in companies. And to my great happiness, it is still influenced by the positive influences of other people and my intensive relationships with them.

As early as 17 years ago, I focused an editorial in the “mesh® Magazin für Wissens- und Informationsdiskurs”, which I published, on the mutually complementary and thus profitable interaction of science and theory on the one hand, and professional practice and life experience on the other hand. In my opinion, this integration is still essential in order to create the conditions not only to cope with the challenges of new living and working environments but also to approach them proactively.

Almost ten years ago I began training mediators — subsequently from 2013 under the name of AUMK ACADEMY (AUMK — Anwalts- und Mediationskanzlei Dr. E. Faull) as an accredited educational institution under the law of employment promotion in Munich. The mesh® ACADEMY, which operates nationwide, developed from this organisational form and its portfolio developed rapidly with the pulse of the times.

In 2018, we transferred the activities from a one-man company to the “mesh® ACADEMY — Gesellschaft für Lehre, Forschung und Wissenstransfer GmbH”. Linked to this setup was the idea of supplementing the implementation of funded vocational further training as our core business with independent, non-university, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research and development for application-oriented teaching, further training for innovation, change and conflict management.

Committed to our own standards of customer orientation and the quality of our core business, we did not have time until the beginning of 2019 to follow up this idea with planned actions. Therefore, in order to consistently develop our activities in the marketplace of professional training, I decided to spin off an affiliated institute as a non-integral part of the mesh® ACADEMY. This institute would be directly involved in the generation of scientific knowledge and, according to the plan, pave the way for our consulting services in the companies.

For this purpose, the MESH® INSTITUTE for Advanced Competence GmbH was finally formally founded, headquartered in Vienna in summer of 2019. By the way, among other things the Vienna location was selected, due to my cooperation with the certification body of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna since beginning of 2017. Together we developed a certification programme for training courses of the MESH® ACADEMY according to the criteria and standard of EN ISO/IEC 1704.

As a consequence, my colleagues and me have developed a further education and training programme at the MESH® INSTITUTE based on my experiences of the last few years using a holistic approach. Within the MESH® INSTITUTE we focus on the creation of a synthesis between the professional competences and the general as well as the new management competences (digital leadership). That ist he reaosn why we have four business areas. In addition to the classic implementation of modularly organised further education and training courses by the MESH® ACADEMY, we have established three further business areas due to the fundamentally different core topics, e.g. MESH® IN-HOUSE, running consulting projects for companies to help them transforming into the working world of the future and on the other hand MESH® CONSULTING — developing concepts for and implementing in-service, work-related competence development projects. Both, however, require a scientific basis, which is bundled in MESH® RESEARCH.

We are conviced that the effective use of one’s own professional competence profile in the long term requires the constant checking and development of one’s own personal and social competences. The confident mastery of methods and tools for self-reflection and inspiration, for secure communication and for dealing with conflicts is just as essential as an everyday interaction in the professional life of a manager with proven elements from the areas of training, coaching and consulting.

For me personally, the start of the MESH® INSTITUTE is an important next step into the future of adult education and company training. I would like to continue to dedicate my work and actions to this and thus make a social contribution to shape tomorrow’s working world.

I would like to thank the entire TEAM of the MESH® INSTITUTE and those who have accompanied me until today for their active support.

I wish you, dear readers, an enlightening and informative time studying our web pages

Dont hesitate to ask further questions.

Your Friederich Peter Zeuner

Friederich Peter Zeuner

Friederich Peter Zeuner