Design and implementation of work-related competence development alonagside the work

  • also within the framework of an accreditation and licensing regulation on employment promotion and Qualification Opportunities Act / formerly: WeGebAU) ( German Law)

The required tasks and roles in a digitalising economy are volatile. Due to these dynamics, managers, too, are often faced with new, unknown situations in increasingly complex environments.

With MESH® INHOUSE, we particularly address the company management, which is committed to sharpening the competence profiles of its employees as close to work as possible. In addition, we also address the employees themselves who have their own budget for further training to develop their skills.

With our in-house, alongside the work events for training and continuing education, we focus on the existing skills and experience of people in companies as valuable capital for mastering future challenges. For this purpose, we have developed MESH® RESEARCH, a scientifically based instrument with which we collect and analyse the individual competences of specialists and managers. On this basis, we develop a tailor-made, alongside the work programme. On the one hand, this includes training units with which we enable employees to achieve the level of professional, social, personal and practical skills required to cope with the daily challenges in digitalised working environments.

Our aim is to demonstrate and communicate the use and added value of knowledge as close as possible to the workplace. In our coaching and training sessions, we take into account the competence resources of our employees as well as their specific conditions of use on site.