As supervisor of the MESH® INSTITUTE and its organs …

… it is particularly important to me to offer the lecturers all the support they need and want so that they can work with their students to create a varied and lively lesson.

Overview of career stages

  • Freelance consultant: in various educational and social institutions, industry, etc.
  • Curative teacher: “Lifecare” Kitzingen
  • Hospital Nurse and pediatric nurses: University Hospital Frankfurt/Main and Institute for the Blind Würzburg
  • Day clinic management function: Caremark Germany, Munich
  • Nursing educator: Christophorus Hospice Association, Munich Aids Association


  • Systemic supervisor (DGSF, Cologne)
  • Systemic mediator, organizational development (DGSF, Cologne)
  • Group therapist (Catholic Foundation University of Applied Sciences Munich)
  • Systemic Coach (SG, Berlin)
  • Instructor training (IFB, Murnau a. Staffelsee)
  • State-approved child carer and housekeeper
  • - State-approved child carer and housekeeper
  • State-approved nurse
  • Basic training in Validation, Basal Stimulation

Activities related to further education, lectures and conferences, including

  • Medical and nursing further education
  • Therapeutic-pedagogical advanced training
  • Body oriented techniques
  • Communication conversation techniques
  • Management training, team development

Participation in projects and research, publications, voluntary work, etc.

  • Methodical further development of the group therapy method of “social therapeutic role play”
  • Development of occupational health management projects
  • Supervisions, lectures in the palliative and hospice area

Franz Völker

Franz Völker

To me, change means…

…transformation. The only constant in life. A chance for development and maturation A chance to put “past” to the test. Facts to maintain which have proven to be supportive, to do more of what was/is helpful and to invent new things for what has proven not to be useful (anymore)