Overview of career stages

  • Mechanical engineer in development departments at the aviation industry (Airbus, IABG)
  • Managing Director and VP Global Business Operations & IT at MSC Software GmbH
  • Vice President IT & Operations at Allplan GmbH,
  • Vice President Global Sales Operations at Eplan Software und Services GmbH & Ko KG


  • Technical University Munich, Mechanical Engineering, focus on research / develpment, Diploma Engineer TU
  • Open University of Hagen, Business Administration
  • Advanced training in management methods for digital transformation, consultant digital transformation
  • Further training in organisational development and change management

Further training on data protection and IT security topics

  • Lecturer at Munich University of Applied Sciences, Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Aviation, Utilities and Building services engineering, subject areas technical mechanics and strength of materials
  • Further education in didactics at the Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Participation in the CIO Circle and digital transformation events

Participation in projects and research, publications, voluntary work, etc.

  • Participation in various projects (international restructuring, outsourcing, change management in the course of worldwide introduction of automation projects)
  • Participation in research projects (European and national)
  • Supervision of diploma theses

Wolfgang Marb

Wolfgang Marb

For me personally, change means…

live faithfully to the motto of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus “πάντα ῥεῖ ” ( Panta Rhei) “Everything flows” Only this way we can enter into a process of lifelong learning and “working on ourselves”. For me, this means always accepting change first, then trying to convince the others. This also means for me to make the restructuring of organisations as personnel-friendly as possible by analysing new job opportunities in advance: