As the person responsible for the certifications of the MESH® INSTITUTE… 

…I would like to make a sustainable contribution to the change, development and motivation of people in an ever faster and more complex world. Despite digitalization and globalization, I would like to accompany and support the people in being a human being. 

Overview of career stages 

  • Trainers & training in the context of public authorities 
  • Team and project leader in the context of of public authorities and in voluntary work 
  • Lecturer for training processes, neurodidactics, organizational development, stress-/self-management 
  • Authorised Auditor for personal certification EN ISO 17024 
  • Funding pool for higher-value management tasks in an official context 


  • Diplom Verwaltungswirt 
  • MBA Sports Management 
  • Business trainer education 
  • Trainer for holistic health 

Activities related to further education, lectures and conferences, including 

  • Training of students in security organs 
  • Further education for trainer in the context of public authorities 
  • Auditor for personal certification EN ISO 17024 Certification Body WKO (WIFI) 
  • Lectures and workshops for the promotion of health management 

Participation in projects and research, publications, voluntary work, etc. 

  • Participation in various projects and workshops of health management in the regulatory context (since 2011) 
  • honorary ski supervisor for the Eversten Gymnasium Oldenburg (since 2019) 
  • longtime honorary SPORT DIRECTOR of the Lower Saxony Ju-Jutsu Association 

Michael Höflich

Michael Höflich

For me personally, change means… 

…mainly the leaving of one’s own comfort zone as well as further development and growth. For me this means a lifelong Learning and the sustainable development of a stable, promising network connected with inspiring people.