As the responsible managing director of the MESH® INSTITUTE for the business area MESH®RESEARCH…

…it is particularly important to me to distinguish between the function of research for the society as a whole (“truth”) and the performance of research for its environment within society (“benefits”) and to spell out this difference in practice in terms of competence.

Overview of career stages

  • Deputy professorships for Sociology: University of Karlsruhe, Science & Education and University of Münster, Science & Education
  • Junior Professor of Sociology: University of Hildesheim, Science & Education
  • Research assistant: University of Jena, Science & Education
  • Freelancer: Kitzinger Newspaper and Altus Media, Berlin
  • Industrial clerk: Knauf Iphofen


  • Studies of sociology and philosophy with degree Diplom-Soziologe
  • Doctor of philosophy,
  • Further training as a social therapist
  • online editor
  • Industrial clerk
  • Qualification as Business Trainer, Coach and Change Management Consultant

Participation in projects and research, publications, voluntary work, etc.

  • IHK Lahn-Dill, committee work
  • Examination commission “Hotel and restaurant professions” — Vocational school, Marburg — Seminars for managers of the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Food and Catering (BGN) Wiesbaden 2013 (Hrsg.)

Prof. Dr. Michael Kauppert

I personally associate change with the idea…

Through my (back and forth) changing of professional and performance roles in organisations within different social sub-areas I see constantly challenged me to overcome the difficulties arising from this fact by trying to differentiate between attributions to persons and ascriptions to social situations.